Guesthouse Bilkarskata Kashta, Gorsko Slivovo village, One star
Guesthouse Bilkarskata Kashta, Gorsko Slivovo village, One star

On the main street, about 100 m from the center to the direction of the Kramolin village

Capacity: The house could host up to 10 people in cosy athmosphere; 2 double rooms and a WC+ shower on the first floor; 3 double rooms on the second floor.

Owners offer possibilities to prepare homemade meals on request.

Additional information: kitchen and dining room, covered patio, garden, TV, Internet, sunny shower in the garden, herbal and vegetable gardens, pool, parking lot, BBQ, old fashioned clay kiln for baking bread, table tennis.

Attractions: gathering of wild berries and mushrooms in the forests; tasting of herbal teas and local honey; walking, biking or fishing in the area; local crafts; horse riding and visits to caves on request.

Contacts: 00359 - 898 558679 – Misho;    

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