Starata Kashta Guesthouse, Krushuna village, One star
Starata Kashta Guesthouse, Krushuna village, One star

At the end of the village, where the walking trail to Krushuna Waterfalls starts; by the new swimming pool

Capacity: 2 houses in a big garden could host 10 people. Furnished kitchen, BBQ,\; 2 WC + showers; Internet and cable TV.

House No 1: 1 family room /1 double bed and 2 beds/; 1 triple room /1 double bed + 1 additional bed/

House No 2 in traditional style: 2 beds, sitting room; WC.

Prices: please contact the owner or check on

Additional information: Tourist could offer meals; visits to caves and waterfalls, rope garden, airsoft, etc. in the area.

Contacts: reservations on mobile phone 00359 - 899 358700                              


  1. : 43.2502495, 25.0364753
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