White House Guesthouse, Krushuna village, Two Stars
White House Guesthouse, Krushuna village, Two Stars

 About 300 m from Maarata Park – look at the information boards on the street

Capacity: 4 double rooms and 1 apartment /1 double bed + 2 beds/; WC in each room

Prices: 40 BGN per room; 70 BGN per apartment; 250 BGN for the whole guesthouse. Longer stay discounts.

Additional information: the guesthouse offers a furnished kitchen, beautiful garden, pool.

Pets not allowed. Possibilities for fishing/angling in the nearby lakes; visits to caves; waterfalls.

Contacts: Mr Ivan Dimitrov – mobile phone 00359 - 888 876339; 00359 898 795119

e-mail :

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