Devetaki cave
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The Devetaki cave is the most attractive place in the region. It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria, long 2 442 m, with a territory of 20 400 sq. m. and about 60 m high. Archaeologists found many Neolithic artifacts there.  

The cave is very attractive for tourists and speleologists – with an enormous entrance hall and vast galleries. To reach the cave one can walk along a narrow path by the river. The Devetaki cave has a statute of a nature protected site of international significance, included in Natura 2000 under the Habitats Directive. The cave is closed for visitors in June and July because of the breeding season of the bats in the galleries. The bats live in the partly illuminated and in the beginning of the dark parts of the cave. Close to the entrance rock swallows can be seen. The bats and the swallows share the cave walls and the echo makes their sounds extremely impressive.

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