Building Bridges for Innovative rural Development /BBIRD Project/

Building Bridges for Innovative rural Development

/BBIRD Project/

October 2013 – April 2015

The project will transfer know-how and innovative experience and knowledge in the area of participatory strategic planning for rural development through establishing institutional partnership between Devetaki Plateau Association, Bulgaria and AGRIDEA, a Swiss organization experienced in rural development.

DPA plan to make a situation analysis, to explore development practices in similar Swiss regions and then get the villages and municipalities together in a structured discussion.

Bulgarian experts will assess the resources, heritage and possibilities for development of the Plateau. We will try to involve different stakeholders in a participatory process of strategic planning to set up a Strategy for sustainable development of the rural area based on AGRIDEA experience. Vision and goals, long and short term steps will be identified and pilot projects will be installed. The partner AGRIDEA will provide innovative methods and help DPA build their capacity. A main goal is to reduce economic and social disparities between the villages and the municipal centres in the Devetaki Plateau and utilize its tourist, agricultural and cultural potential by means of a participatory strategic planning process. A group of 10 local experts will participate in a study tour to Switzerland to study the experience of a similar Swiss rural area and build up partnership.

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