Fostering Adult Learner Empowerment through Storytelling And Folklore - FALESAF

Fostering Adult Learner Empowerment through Storytelling And Folklore - FALESAF

    FALESAF is an EU-funded project which promotes inter-generational and inter-cultural dialogue, and increases adult learners' knowledge and experience through storytelling and folklore. 5 Partners from across Europe- Bulgaria, England, Iceland, Ireland and Germany- will host workshops, education sessions, storytelling events and pedagogical seminars which are open to all

Duration:             2 year project, 01/01/2012 – 31/12/2013

Partners:        Bulgaria: Devetaki Plateau Association- Letnitsa

                        England: Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd

                        Iceland: NAVE – West Fjords Natural History Institute

                        Ireland: Brigit’s Garden

                        Germany: Wisamar (Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnuetzige GmbH)


 provide access to learning for older citizens
 promotion of Active Ageing- increased confidence for participants to re-engage in education and actively engage in society
 encourage and assist with intercultural dialogue between older and younger citizens
increase participants’ knowledge of their own culture, traditions & region (whilst supporting their journey back into education)·        
Expected Outcomes:
increased mobility for adult learners (over 80 adult learners will be mobilised)
new skills & experience gained- tangible Learner Resources created, pathways to education opened throughout our partner network and social cohesion improved for all participants       
creation of an Education Pack- incorporates techniques, case studies, examples of methods/stories/art/interpretation for learners launch a database of contacts for future learning and support
web-site and DVD of all events/achievements 

The project was open to everyone. Each partner hosted an ‘action’ in their own region, which featured lots of exciting events and lasted for 3 days!

Our partners
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