GREEN VILLAGE - A Model for a Sustainable Rural Future

GREEN VILLAGE - A model for a sustainable rural future

    The project brings together nine European and one African state, who share common problems in their local rural areas, such as:

outward migration of young people
aging populations
abandonment of land
loss of traditional skills and income strands
disintegration of cultural landscape and many more.

   The partners recognised and shared a number of opportunities for sustainable development on a village scale, through contemporisation of traditional skills, rural energy supply, empowerment of communities and development of new markets for natural, local and sustainable products, including rural food and wood but also culture and nature, through the development of touristic offerings. 

   To capture valuable and sustainable skills and encapsulate them in seven study areas Green Village runs several actions in different countries. Pursuing the aim to involve villagers in vocational education and training, rooted in real life, the modules are delivered to and sometimes by the villagers themselves, local students plus those visiting through mobility and rural practitioners.

Our partners
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