LLP – Leonardo da Vinci

LLP – Leonardo da Vinci

”Placement in organic agriculture and agri-tourism”

The project provided practical training to 10 people on the labor market from the area of the Devetaki Plateau on the following topics: development of organic agriculture and breeding and country tourism.


The main project goad was increasing the skills of the representatives of local communities in the fields of organic agriculture and agri-tourism, including:

Practical training in preservation of traditional technologies for growing organic fruits and vegetables;
Innovative practices in use of traditional skills for producing and marketing of organic food;
Developing skill in creation and management of country guest houses;
Good practices in use of EU funds for sustainable development of rural areas.


The placement took place in Fattoria Biologica PATRICE in Spoleto, Umbria, Italy for 3 weeks in September 2011. The farm is a good example with its diverse activities in agriculture and tourism, based on local natural resources.

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