Newsletter 3/ February 2019 FireVall Firefighting Volunteering For All
Newsletter 3/ February 2019 FireVall Firefighting Volunteering For All 20.03.2019

3rd project meeting in Frederikssund 12th and 13th September 2018 The third meeting of the FireVall project was held in Frederikssund, Denmark. The project partners provided an overview of the organisation, legal regulations and financing of the volunteer fire brigades in their country. During the two-days meeting the participants had the chance to visit two fire stations: fire station in Hundested and fire station Højager in Slangerup. During the visits participants had the chance to exchange information about the equipment and vehicles of volunteer fire stations in their country while inspecting them on the visited fire stations. The organizers also offered opportunities to exchange information with the local volunteer firefighters that was very valuable and advantageous for the project partners. The 4th meeting for FireVall 27th and 28th February 2019 The 4th project meeting took place in Misso, Estonia. In this meeting the project partners shared the education and training of volunteer fire brigades in their country, and good practices were also collected. After this meeting good practices will be shared on the website of the project. During the meeting project partners visited Rõuge voluntary fire station and Võru professional fire station in order to get information about the activities, tools and vehicles of these stations in Estonia. In Rõuge participants were greeted by the representative of the municipality and the member of the parliament for the region. The 5th meeting for FireVall The 5th project meeting will be held in Bulgaria on 10th and 11th of July 2019 organized by Devataki Plateau Association. This meeting will be the final meeting of the project where project partners will summarize the activities and impacts. Visit our website: Social media:

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