Devetaki Plateau Association - a partner in FireVall project
Devetaki Plateau Association - a partner in FireVall project 29.11.2017

A new partnership project sasrted on 23and 24 November in Germany. The kick-off meeting of Firefighting Volunteering for All / FireVall/ project gathered partners from 6 countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia and Hungary in Kabelsketal Municipality /between Halle and Leipzig/. The project was prepared by Wisamar, in close partnership with Kabelsketal municipality and support by the partners from other EU countries. Each country presented the situation of Voluntary fire brigades, requirements and organization of fire prevention and fire fighting services. The grou visited 2 local centers of volunteer fire fighters in Dieskau-Zwintschona and Osmunde. Next work meetings will be in Zagreb - Croatioa in March 2018, in Denmark in September 2018, in Estonia in February 2019 and the final meeting in Bulgaria in July 2019.

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