Devetaki Plateau presents FireVall project in Sevlievo
Devetaki Plateau presents FireVall project in Sevlievo 01.03.2018

28-2-2018 The Project coordinator Velis Chilingirova met the Voluntary Formation from Sevlievo municipality – partner to Devetaki Plateau Association /DPA/. Ten people participated in the meeting. She made a presentation of the FireVall project, showing the PPP presentations of Croatia and Germany. Dimitar Nozharov is the responsible for VF in Sevlievo, and Kamelia Hristova is the leader of the VF. Mr. Nozharov and the mayor of Agatovo village Valentin Vasilev /Deputy Chair of DPA/ will present DPA at the second partners meeting in Zagreb on 20-23 March. During the meeting in Sevlievo we discussed the presentation about recruiting and motivating volunteers, which will be prepared by Mr. Nozharov for Zagreb.

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