Devetshko Plato is travelling around Bulgaria 20.05.2014

Devetshko Plato is travelling around Bulgaria


Photographic exhibition named “Where’s Devetashko” is on its way across the country, enjoying the attention of small and elder ones, aesthetes, adventurers, explorers... The photoexhibition is a result of the Photo Plein Air PhOtOkO Devetshko Plato 2013.  The Photo Plein Air is organized by Devetaki Plateau Association, in the frames of the project “Vital Communities for Friendly Villages” supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and the municipalities of Letnitsa, Lovech, and Sevlievo.


The wonderful photos from Devetaki plateau reflect its natural beauty and cultural historic sites. Captured in words is the spirit of the Plateau, conveyed in text accompanying the pictures.

The exhibition has already visited the cities of Ruse (October 2013), Veliko Tarnovo (March 2014), Plovdiv (May 2014). And is on the road again...

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