Orienteering competition
Orienteering competition 27.06.2014

      On 1 and 2 May 2014 in the villages of Gorsko Slivovo and Karpachevo an Orienteering competition was held for the Devetaki Plateau Cup, organized by "Mazalat" orienteering club - Sevlievo and Devetki plateau Association as part of the project " Vital Communities for Friendly Villages  with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. In the two-day competition participated 240 athletes of all ages (10 to 65 years), representatives of 27 clubs of orienteering from around the country.
     The competition was a middle distance, held on two new maps at a scale of 1:7500, made in early 2014. Cup winner was the team of "Usana"Orienteering Club  - Gabrovo with a total score of 289 points of the two days followed by the team of "Sarnena forest" Club - Stara Zagora and "North" Club - Pleven.

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