Vital communities for friendly villages

Vital communities for friendly villages

A project implemented by Devetaki Plateau Association in 10 villages with financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Period of the project: September 2012 – April 2014

The activities under this project are an example how the people from the Devetaki Plateau stand for their ten villages. The present project aimed to enlivening the local communities in the 10 villages in the Devetaki Plateau and bringing them together with the authorities of the municipalities of Letnitsa, Lovech and Sevlievo for making their villages friendly, vital and attractive.

During the first 3 months we establish and train 10 Village development units to discuss, identify, and develop projects of community significance, fundraise, advocate, and implement them. Ten  village forum-discussions had been organized including the participation of the local government – city council members, municipality mayors and experts to make out the development priorities of each village community and select a demonstrational project idea. Every village team developed the forum ideas into a small project for application in a Lively Village project tender. Nine of the small projects are successfully implemented till the end of 2013.

Based on the forum ideas two regional projects were developed:

In June and September 2013 eight prominent outdoor photographers took part in a Plain Air on the Devetaki Plateau and prepared a photo exhibition presented in Russe in November.

Next presentation of the photo exhibition will be in Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia in early 2014.

A journalist tour in April will present all we have done in the frames of the project to the public.
In May 2014 a national competition in Orienteering will promote the merits of the Devetaki Plateau for sports and various outdoor activities. New maps, promotion materials and web-site are in preparation.


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