EMANA Guesthouse, Karpachevo village One star
EMANA Guesthouse, Karpachevo village One star

The house is situated a 100 meters from the center of the village to the direction of Gorsko Slivovo village

The guest house could host 10 people in 2 double rooms and 2 triple rooms, 2 WC in the house; outdoor WC, sunny shower in the garden
Prices: If the tourist use the whole guesthouse – 180 BGN per night; 150 BGN for more than 2 nights.
For using a room – 18 BGN per person per bed; 15 BGN per person per bed for more than 2 nights.        

Additional information: the guesthouse offers a furnished kitchen, traditionally decorated room with a fireplace, BBQ in the garden, TV, Internet, large garden, pool, garden well, parking lot, games

Contacts: mobile phones 00359 - 878 865398; 00359 - 878 695525; 00359 - 878 590526;


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