DEVETAKI PLATEAU ASSOCIATION is a Bulgarian non-for-profit legal entity, established in 2008 to stimulate the development, improve the quality of live and promote the region of Devetaki Plateau. The organization unite the people living in nine villages on the Devetaki Plateau: Agatovo, Brestovo, Chavdartsi, Devetaki, Gorsko Slivovo, Kakrina, Kramolin, Krushuna, Karpachevo, Tepava.


The main activities of Devetaki Plateau Association are aiming at preservation and development of the regional resources, increasing the capacity of local people to manage natural assets and make the Plateau an attractive place for tourism, outdoor recreation and learning.


We have already 140 members from various background and occupation – farmers, cultural figures, young people, local authorities, retired people, NGOs and businesses, united and motivated to work for the sustainable development of the region. Municipalities of Sevlievo, Letnitsa and Lovech are partners of the Association, supporting our projects and initiatives. 

Our partners
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