• Big Curve Karpachevo
  • Chukata peak Brestovo
    Chukata peak     Here is the highest point of the Devetaki Plateau – the Chukata Peak – 556 meters above the sea level. The amazing view gives you the feeling of breadth, light, and expanse. And, freedom - freedom of spirit, of imagination, of the will to search, to move, to be in new and unknown places. One can reach it along a path leading right of the road Brestovo - Devetaki, just a kilometer...
  • Devetaki cave Devetaki
    Devetaki cave The Devetaki cave is the most attractive place in the region. It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria, long 2 442 m, with a territory of 20 400 sq. m. and about 60 m high. Archaeologists found many Neolithic artifacts there.   The cave is very attractive for tourists and speleologists – with an enormous entrance hall and vast galleries. To reach the cave one can walk along a narrow path by...
  • Garvanitsa Gorsko Slivovo
  • Stalbitsa Karpachevo
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