Archaeological site “Gradat” /meaning – the Fortified town/
Archaeological site “Gradat” /meaning – the Fortified town/ Kramolin

    Archaeological site “Gradat” /meaning – the Fortified town/ lies 3,5 km South-East from the village. It is a place where visitors will find the remains of fortress walls, Medieval churches and a citadel. The site is naturally protected from the North by 90 m high vertical rocks. At the feet of the hill remains from 3 kilns for production of ceramics and bricks were found. The archaeological works have been done by Sevlievo and Gabrovo museum experts in the 80-s of the XX century. The fortress existed during the time of the Second Bulgarian State – ХІІ – ХІV centuries. The construction is made of stones and mortar. A Christian necropolis with more than 100 graves was found close to one of the churches. Now arches, fortress walls about 3 m height and basements of churches are still preserved. There is a beautiful view from the top to the Magar river and the Stamboliyski dam. The archaeological site is accessible on a soil road starting from the end of the village. A picnic place has been constructed with a shelter, BBQ, tables and benches but no water source around.

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