Karpachevo is a small, beautiful village within the Municipality of Letnitsa, 38 km from the town of Lovech. Turkish stock - breeders settled there in the 16th century. That is where its old name came from - Urukleri, that was kept until the year 1923. After that the village was named Nadezhda (Hope), and later - after the partisan - poet Hristo karpachev who was born there.

Finds from the Futyova Cave evidence that there was a settlement of pre-historic people. Among these is a Neolithic stone hammer.

Today about 100 people live in the village, most of them - retired.

One of the prides of the village is its Cultural Centre with a folklore songs group, a library, and a cinema hall. In it, a Tourist and Information Centre was established supported by the Devetaki Plateau Association and the Norwegian Cooperation programme.

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