Archaeological site “Gradat” /meaning – the Fortified town/ lies 3,5 km South-East from the village. It is a place where visitors will find the remains of fortress walls, Medieval churches and a citadel. The site is naturally protected from the North by 90 m high vertical rocks. At the feet of the hill remains from 3 kilns for production of ceramics and bricks were found. The archaeological works have been done by Sevlievo and Gabrovo museum experts in the 80-s of the XX century. The fortress existed during the time of the Second Bulgarian State – ХІІ – ХІV centuries. The construction is made of stones and mortar. A Christian necropolis with more than 100 graves was found close to one of the churches. Now arches, fortress walls about 3 m height and basements of churches are still preserved. There is a beautiful view from the top to the Magar river and the Stamboliyski dam.

   The archaeological site is accessible on a soil road starting from the end of the village. A picnic place has been constructed with a shelter, BBQ, tables and benches but no water source around.
   The Cultural center in the village exists for more than 120 years; it organizes local people in folklore singing groups. There is an Ethnographic collection in the local school.
    A clock tower in the center of the village measures the time and the bell rings every 30 minutes – a memorial to people who died in wars for independance of Bulgaria.

   The Holly Ascension Church was constructed in the period 1898 – 1903 by a master from Tryavna over the basement of the old church from 1843. It has one nave with a place for the choir and very good acoustics. To visit the church – ask for the key at the Mayoralty or at the Library/Cultural center.
   Stambolyski artificial lake /dam/ is one of the biggest in the country – there are possibilities for fishing, water sports, swimming and sunbathing.

   Anothes smaller dam near the village offers paid fishing.
The First weekend in June gathers local people and guests for the St. Spas church holiday, and the village fest is in mid-September.
   Karst area around the village discovers interesting land formations – pot-holes and underground rivers that are not yet adapted for visitors.

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