Old Mill will become the New Attraction on Devetaki Plateau 28.01.2021

A Tale of Two Villages

The Old Mill is a beautiful building made of local construction materials: wood, unique travertine stone, and adobe. It was initially built in the village of Krushuna around 1933. Thanks to the river flowing through the village, it worked as a watermill.

As the years went by, new and modern watermills were built and the old one was not in use anymore. Then it was decided to move it to the neighbouring village - Karpachevo, 6 kilometers up on the Devetaki Plateau, where the locals had no other chance until then but to take their grain to Krushuna with carts.

Two brothers bought the watermill and what they did was astonishing: they marked every stone and every bean of the mill, then they carefully dismantled it as a LEGO constructor, and they transported it to Karpachevo with horse-carts where they put it together again in 1947 – 1949. As there is no river in this village, it was transformed into an electric mill. However, what was more important was that the people of Karpachevo did not have to travel all the way to Krushuna in order to mill their grain.

During the nationalization in the communist times, the mill was taken by the local Cooperative Union and after the regime was over, in 1990 the property was offered back to its former owners. The two brothers’ descendants could not agree on splitting the assets among themselves and they donated it to the village. That is how the mill stopped working again - the town bread factories started offering fresh bread in the villages, the cattle’s numbers decreased and so did the need for fodder. For a second time, the Mill became useless…

But not for long: in 2019, after a decision of the City Council, the municipality of Letnitsa rents the Old Mill to Devetaki Plateau Association for a period of 10 years. This act gives a chance and hope that the unique building will be preserved in its authenticity and it will start a new life as an informational, demonstrational and training centre, yet another treasure of the Devetaki Plateau.

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